Thursday, January 06, 2011

Cold Weather Coming

Well, it looks like we'll need to get all the outdoor work we need to have done all finished on Saturday.

That means horses retrieved, hay brought up and the leak at the end of the water line repaired pretty much all done on one day's time. Getting the horses home could take a few hours, and if things don't go right with the water line issue (we are inexperienced water line repair-ers), that could too. Especially if I don't have the right parts and need to run into town.

Zack and I are working Friday so nothing can be done until Saturday anyway. Loretta will be working Saturday, so that means either I or Zack will be taking care of Chloe... which means either Zack or I will be getting all that stuff done with Garrison to help.

Tomorrow he'll pick up propane bottles and I'll bring up a load of hay after work.

Sunday it's supposed to get fairly cold, with wind chill near or below zero by Sunday night. Or at least that's what it said last time I looked at the forecast. That changes some every time I look, so it could be better or worse now, but I'm preparing for worse.

Then it's supposed to stay that way for the main part of next week.

Gab should tell Keigan to stay put until the weather levels out again, at least!

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