Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day

I love the way snow covers everything, including the junk, lol. Makes it all look so much prettier. Hides all the work needing to be done.
Garrison stayed at Cody's in anticipation of a snow day today, they had plans to go sledding and riding four-wheelers in the snow. I stayed home from work, got most of what I needed to get done yesterday and figured it's not worth the risk to get there for non-urgent business.
It's not so deep that I can't get out if I have to, though, and I'm waiting to see if Gab's going to go into labor now just because it'll take longer to get to the hospital.

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Kathie said...

Hi, I just had to comment. We have a son named Garrison and I had never met anyone else with a child by that name. After we had named him we honestly thought we might have been a wee bit to creative for his own good! lol So, Yahoo, for another Garrison! the blog so far...I def hope you can stay in the area. Take Care,