Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well, I thought we were going to miss out on our 100% chance of forecasted rain, but I was wrong. Just as Garrison and Cody left on the 4-wheeler to go down the road to a friend's house to explore and hunt arrowheads, the bottom dropped out. I'm sure they got soaked. They'll stay there now until the rain ends, most likely.

I changed the title picture to something greener. I'm tired of winter weather and would like to see the greening of the hills begin.

Monday, February 08, 2010

February Snow

These are some pictures I took along our driveway and county road, on my way to and from work today. It's been snowing all day, but not much is sticking to the roads, yet, which is a good thing. In the morning, all the mud will be ice and that's actually easier to get through sometimes than simply mud. We'll see tomorrow morning.

(Uncle Larry, if you're reading this, copy the pictures onto your computer (laptop?) or a CD if you can, and show them to MawMaw and PawPaw)

Driveway, just past the gate, going in:

The old schoolhouse where my neighbor's parents went to school:

Felkins Creek:

The bluff line by the big valley (Walton's property) on the way in:

My jeep after digging it out from under the snow:

The driveway where the creek crosses:

And by the way, if you haven't already heard, Zack is going to be a daddy. He and Loretta are expecting their baby in October 2010. I need to get a picture of Loretta, too. For now, here's one of Zack and his first 'baby', Chester.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Favorite Pictures

Gabrielle is going to be graduating this May and I was going through all the photos I have on disk. We're trying to pull some to use in the senior yearbook. Gary scanned and put everything we had on CD's before he moved and today I was very thankful for that effort.

Here's my favorite picture I found of Gabrielle. I like it because of the black night and white snow:

NAIS News - Good news!

From the headlines of the Business section of NYTimes online edition:

U.S.D.A. Plans to Drop Program to Trace Livestock

This is excellent news, but we need to stay alert for the 'new' plan they devise. Keep talking to your representatives.