Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Well, it appears that this year's garden was almost a total flop! My watermelon vines are dying (and the melons aren't ripe yet), the pumpkin that was supposed to make a GIANT pumpkin is dying, the cantaloupes are biting the dust as we speak, and the horses came in and ate the corn right down to the ground. I guess the horses didn't help the melons much when they crossed over them to get to the tasty little morsels of corn. The only thing that's left is one lonely fig tree with several green figs...don't think they'll make it to ripeness before the cold gets here, and the tomato vines that are still hanging in there, and the strawberry plants who actually are looking pretty good. I haven't had time this week to get into the garden at all, so that's a tentative list, lol. I am sure hoping that my next garden produces more food than this one did!