Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reluctant Morning

This morning is one of those kind, upon which seeing first light the first things I think is Ugggggggh! Maybe it's just a bad dream.

A few seconds later, another peep from half-shut lids, and the truth is revealed. It's not. It's real. And I do have to get up.

It was nearly midnight when I quit working on my powerpoint presentation.

Around 3 a.m. the trickle of water I'd left running in my sink went silent. Having gone to sleep through the noise of water falling into a bowl, the sudden quiet woke me. The realization of why I woke led to checking all the faucets to see that indeed, they were all keeping mum.

At 4:30 a.m. Snippy started letting me know he'd eaten his last stem of hay and he was cold and wanting more. Horses can be very loud when they want, did you know?

It's nearly 10*F outside, but at least this time I can see better than I could at 4:30. Now I can find out if the broken and steadily draining the tank nozzle at the end of my water line is frozen solid, too.


Anonymous said...

I check your blog frequently and think you are doing a great job keeping it all "together" here in the "Arkansas Outback"..... and I enjoy your stories and pictures.
Times and mornings like this could easily be taking the wind out of somebody's sails... but not if you truly love the beauty this region has to offer. I think that is what keeps you and many others in similar situations going. Good luck, keep it up and have some nice dreams of spring! Peter

NitWit1 said...

It is 9 deg here currently and I feel blest that the faucets are still dripping and to toilets still functioning. Our only animal lives and eats inside, but I am still COLD!!!

But the sun is out and some snow will melt dispite a nigh of 21 deg. definitely tomorrow it will be 32 deg and then it is warming up the rest of the week.

Roxann said...

Peter, the fact that you recognize this is so encouraging. Thank you. Sometimes I do wonder if I've just lost my mind, lol. But I do love the land, I love the horses, and I love the challenge of this life. Otherwise, it'd be easy to just give it all up and move back to town.

Nitwit1, I'm counting on the sun to keep the water coming down the line from the spring up the mountain, at least during daylight hours. Saturday morning is the soonest I'll get to change out that broken end, but the eldest son might get off early Friday to get it done. I don't want to shut off the water if it's moving, but if it's still frozen solid tonight we might as well do it while it's frozen.

Wintertime here sure hammers home the importance of summertime planning and implementation, doesn't it? I get a little better each year, but each winter I learn a little more.

flowerweaver said...

That's cold! Not as cold down here but feels just as miserable. Hang in there!