Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fencing Project

The horses have been getting out by going up the logging road and over to a neighbor's place. This weekend I finished a project I started last weekend. Fencing here is not very easy because there are a lot of rocks! So my fence is not straight - it goes from tree to tree. Here at the big rock there is no tree and no way to get a t-post into the ground...On the other side of the big rock, there are a couple small caves. The one on the left goes in quite a ways and we haven't gotten to the end of it yet. 'I' haven't gone in much at all, hahaha, but I stayed outside and talked to Garrison while ~he~ went inside. This is heading back to the beginning now.

This is the logging road behind our house; I believe it is how the horses are getting out.
And the mountain over there is the one they keep going to - the pasture is on the other side! It is about 2 miles taking the county road to get there, or maybe a mile taking the logging road.

This is how I made the fence strands tight, by twisting a stick on it. Later, when the fence loosens up, I can tighten it more.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Flooded Again!

Frank called to tell me I'd best stay put and then said if I can get down to the creek it would make a good picture. Well, I couldn't get to the creek because the driveway is too flooded to get past it. Don had called Frank and told him the water was up to our mailboxes down by the creek. The 'creek' he is referring to is where the road crosses the creek to go up past his house. The creek in the driveway is the same creek, just normally it is not in my driveway so much! The place I wanted to get a picture is all the way to the end of my driveway, but I'll have to wait til this water slows down some before I try to cross. And by then it might not be at the mailboxes any more, LOL.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Land Locked!

The usual way out is impassable (see above) and the back way out is too high, too (see below). A general rule of thumb is if the water is over the center of the tire, it's too dangerous to cross. The back way is about up to the top of the wheels and would come in under the door. I've lost a dog to the bridge when the water was high on the front way out a couple years ago. She managed to swim out, but she was a large dog and was swept off the edge like a little piece of flotsam. Sure convinced me to never try crossing that bridge with the water high! Water has a tricky way of looking shallow or easy to cross when it is high like this. Since we moved here the locals have always called to warn us not to attempt to cross when they see the water looking like this, or they will let us know that it's okay to cross if they know it's moving slow or not too deep. I sure appreciate them sharing their knowlege like this!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

First signs of Spring

It's beginning to at least SOUND like spring at my house. This morning I heard a crow's call when I woke, and some other bird song that I don't hear all winter. It warmed my spirit and really gives me hope that yes, winter is almost done. Today temperatures will climb to the 70's but by tomorrow night we are expecting a severe winter storm with ice and snow accumulation. That's a wild swing, but hopefully this is winter's last throes. Oh! I saw daffodils blooming on the roadside yesterday, too. There used to be such things here, but I think the horses have eaten anything green that might have come up over the last few weeks. The tulips that have escaped their attention must be getting ready to bloom by now, too.