Friday, June 20, 2008

House Progress II !

This is what they got done earlier in the week. Saturday we'll get more done. Now you can tell it's a house!

Friday, June 13, 2008

House Progress!

I am so excited to finally see the walls of our house coming up! That's our daughter, Gabby in the kitchen window. The walls are 10' high on the ground floor. Since it's a small house, this will give it the feeling of being more spacious than it really is. Plus, it might help keep it cooler in the summer. Today they raised the interior walls and hoisted the trusses up for the loft bedroom floor. This weekend maybe we'll get the rest of the walls raised and next will come the roof. Gary and I have had a pretty good mind-picture of the house since the beginning, but the kids have had a harder time imagining what it will look like. Now that the walls are in place at least Gab is getting excited and more willing to help out. Garrison hasn't seen it yet, since he's on a summer trip to his grandparents and nanny's ('aunt' to those of you not from S. Louisiana, LOL - not sure where else that term is used, really) house. But I'll bet he'll be excited when he sees it, too. Zack will be surprised when he comes in from his 4 week road trip, too. We will all be glad to sit down and breathe a long sigh of relief when we are finally done and able to move in.