Sunday, June 27, 2010

This morning I sat outside on the swing and had my coffee before the rest of the household (dogs, cats, chickens, etc.) knew I was out there.

The wind feels special here. I'm sure it carries a message, but I'm just not listening properly to be able to translate. A whispering chorus, starting high on the ridge-tops before eventually reaching the valley bottom and moving past my point of reference toward the east.

There were no other sounds this morning to detract from the experience – nature’s stage entirely.

Until the dogs noticed I was sitting there. Then all calm was gone and it became a contest to see who could get the most attention. Badger's the biggest, but Chester is loudest. And Bobbie Sue most insistent.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

More rocks

This year, it seems, my garden consists mostly of rocks. I planted some more over the weekend.

I've always admired the rock steps in other gardens with slope, and my own are beginning to take shape.

There's a little bit of thyme planted on both sides of the top step. When it takes root and spreads, I'll move bits and pieces of it all around my garden. At least I'll have lots of thyme somewhere.

The little gap under the second step will provide shelter for toads, and hopefully not copperheads or rattlers. If it turns out that I have unwanted guests in the garden because of it, I guess I'll fill in the space.

This year's efforts have been directed at foundation. Getting the beds built (not even halfway finished) and putting up the fence (almost finished). Admittedly, its a tiny garden, and it seems to be taking forever to get it done. But time is extremely short these days for me, so the project size fits the time-allotment.

Next year I might get something besides rocks planted.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

New background

My dad bought a new digital SLR camera, and now I'd like to get one like his. The new background picture for my title block is one of the pictures he took this afternoon. Maybe he'll leave a comment to tell us what kind of camera it is, exactly, so I'll know what to ask for when I get mine...

Friday, June 04, 2010

Third Earthquake

It was a smaller one, but has been classified by USGS. The epicenter was at Prairie Creek, near Beaver Lake on Wednesday, at 11:39 a.m.