Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Holidays 2010

Christmas holiday so far has yielded lots of completed projects. The kids have gone to Louisiana so I thought I'd get some things done while the house is less active.
Before this past week, the plans were to finish the floors in the living room. But the horses ran off over the mountain again, so everything was re-arranged and containing them became the priority.
It snowed Christmas day. The neighbor at the camp adjacent to us called to say the horses were over there by the dome houses. Retrieving them took most of the day.
That night, after resting a little while, I went to Gab's house and we put together her playpen and bassinet.
Sunday meant I had to go into work so that I could take more time off during the week to finish building the winter pen for Snippy. If I keep him penned, then the other two horses won't go far away.
It's Monday and the pen is done and appears to be holding. I hope when I wake up tomorrow morning, they're still here and not back over the mountain again!
Here are a few pics from the little snow we got. These are from the top of the mountain behind the house:

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NitWit1 said...

Sounds like Christmas was mostly work!

Each decade or our lives things change. In our 70s Christmas Day is pretty much quiet as we have no kids or relatives nearby. But friends stop by.

We reheated a cooked boxed Christmas dinner, sharing with neighbors and friends.

Today the rest becomes some kind of stew to be frozen for a day when we might want turkey again!!!