Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Tues. night:

Something very creepy just happened. I got home at 7. It was dark. The dogs both came out to greet me and I went inside. Two hours later. Went outside to put up the horses and my great pyr was whining down the gully and wouldn't come. So i thought he was hurt and got a flashlight, woke Zack up to come help me get him. It's very steep and rocky there. Found him tied to a sapling with a haystring, a slip knot on his neck and hard knot on the tree. It did not look like an accidental tangle. So it looks like someone came here within the past 2 hours, took the most difficult route possible to get away, and tied my dog up on their way out. it's very dark outside, no moonlight.

For the first time since I've lived here i am scared.


Zack thought of what it was. Garrison had set a snare with haystrings, trying to catch a rabbit. OMG. it was one of his walk-through snares. I was getting really freaked out and had put the dog in the house in the hopes that he would do better at alerting me from in here than he did out there.

Good thing we didn't have to wait this long to catch something to eat, though! how funny now, but i was truly sweating for a little while there. Our imaginations were running wild. Even bigfoot and ghosts were getting into the mix, haha.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


It was 11*F when I checked the temp at 6 a.m. Feels pretty darn cold. Poor duckie can't swim in his pond, but it was funny watching him walk all over it quacking his discontent.