Sunday, February 27, 2011

Signs of Spring

Every day it looks a little more like Spring will be here soon. Farmer's almanac says there's still a big snow storm for the month of March, though. I hope it's wrong. My blog background pic is the same tree that had the ice in it for the previous pic, but now you can see the leaf buds getting ready to open.

The faucet was my project for today. It's been waiting on the sidelines for me to get it done, but today was a good day for it. Not too cold. Now I can water the horses a lot easier. During winter, the old faucet by the old house had frozen and broken, so I had put a plug in it temporarily.

* I forgot to mention that I was standing out by the newly installed faucet, admiring my handiwork when the thing started spraying water all over me. Apparently I didn't tighten the pipe clamp at the top end enough. But now it seems to be tight and holding.

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