Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ice 2011

It was raining pretty hard when I woke up this morning, and at first I though, uh-oh, I should have gone to work. But when I looked outside, I could see that things were going to get worse.

That's ice on the tree, and the longer it rains the thicker it will get. If it's building on the trees, that means it's building on the power lines, too.

The lights blinked once, but we didn't lose power. Now the rain is m ostly sleet, so it should quit building on the trees and power lines. Soon it should turn to snow.

Momma and Daddy decided they'd had enough of ice the first time they got caught here in one, so they went back home already.

I'm getting my clothes washed before the water freezes, because with below zero temperatures in the forecast, I know it will freeze.


Duane k said...

Hope you came out all right. We were missed by the ice, but plenty of snow!

Roxann said...

Hi Duane, we did okay. Lost power for a few hours today, but it was back on before dark. I don't think I'll be able to get out tomorrow to go to work, though. Plows don't come down our county roads and the snow is slipping more than usual. Must be the sleet in it?