Saturday, February 05, 2011

More Pics 2/5/2011

Mixed in with the snow pictures this time, is baby Keigan. Chloe got to see her first snowball, but she wasn't too impressed.

The icicles on the old mercantile store in the square:

Where the driveway meets the creek:

Grand-Baby Keigan sleeping in her swing. Maybe it'll snow next year for her:

Grand-Baby Chloe checking out her first snowball:

Bobbie Sue and Badger in the snow:


oldchigger said...

I was surfing for photo's of snow in my native land and found your blog about the Ozarks. You take GREAT photographs and helped rekindle the fondness of the Ozarks and how much I miss them and the folks there. You see I'm a fourth generation Ozark Hillbilly from up around the Blue Eye/ Branson area and have spent the last 30 years in Houston TX. I will say Houston provided me a good government job and a wonderful Christian wife but outside of that it's been a horrible city to live in. These Texans/Mexicans have such a huge false sense of how great Texas is for some weird reason. I don't see it. The folks here are rude, loud mouthed, inconsiderate, phony jerks! But alas I'm bound to Texas simple because the Ms. wouldn't live anywhere else. Maybe we can retire out to the Austin "Hill Country" and slow things down a bit. I sure miss the Ozarks way down in my soul and I was thrilled to see your pictures of the country side. BTW the new baby looks wonderful. Gods little wonders, what blessings they are. Thanks for warming an old hillbilly's heart. When spring comes to the mountains, look out across the hollar, you'll see my spirit there.

Roxann said...

Hey oldchigger, glad you enjoyed the photos. I do love it here, too. There must be something nice about TX for your Ms. to love it so much, though. LOL. Maybe it's just the city environment that makes people that way. The Austin 'Hill Country' is very nice, I like it out there, too.

Thanks for dropping in!