Monday, January 04, 2010

Nature Humor

I was supposed to return to work this morning, after a long New Year's break. However, Nature had other ideas. First, yesterday she had me attempt to get the truck up the road unsuccessfully, causing me to learn how to slide backwards downhill in a truck with no rear view (because the camper blocks rear vision). That was exciting. The kids were with me and they made the event even more exciting with all that noise. So the truck was turned around and pointing back the way we came. Good. Onward to the house. That was exciting, too, since there are fairly good hills to climb. They were easy enough to navigate down, so I was hopeful. Nature had the idea to teach me how to climb hills in a rear-wheel drive truck while sliding precariously close to the edge of the drop-off, as kids hooted and hollered beside me. That was even more fun than the first uphill we attempted, out on the county road. We did make it back up to the house, where I promptly parked the truck and declared us snow-bound.

Tried the car this morning. Driving it was not as exciting in the snow as the truck was, so I was hopeful that with the car I'd be able to get to work this morning. Just to be safe, I parked downhill from the house, in the event Nature wanted me to learn sailing over the ravine in small car on the way down said hill this morning. Made it down to the car on foot this morning without busting my chops once. I was proud of that, since yesterday's hike up to the house after parking it there was a little more eventful. It gave me hope for more success. Car made it out the driveway just fine. Also made it halfway up the original problem hill just fine. But did you know, that lightweight front-wheel drive cars can slide bacwards even faster downhill than heavy rear-wheel trucks? Almost like skiing, in fact.

Turned car around, almost on purpose. Pointed back toward house. Made it to first hill right past the gate and lovely car would not make it up. Parked car and proceeded to walk the half mile back to the house. It was a beautiful morning this morning, and if I weren't so miffed at being thwarted at every turn and hill, I would have enjoyed it a little more.


SJ said...

One word, Roxanne: Subaru :)

SJ, in mountainous Maine

Roxann said...

Hi SJ, lol. I'd LOVE to have a Subaru :) Always have liked them. But I do have 4WD, a jeep, but it's in the shop recovering from deer impact. Hopefully will be done by the weekend, so I can go home...