Sunday, January 17, 2010

Country Life and Boys

It was a good clue when I saw the pile of clothes by the back door. If eldest hadn't already called me I would have noticed it anyway.

Youngest was skunked while I was out. It seems he caught a skunk in his trap and there was no other way to get it out other than up close. And in the end, even that didn't work, so the skunk had to be shot, unfortunately. Zack said he thought Garrison's eyes were watering because he was sad over having to kill the skunk, when he came back to the house on the 4-wheeler, but he quickly realized it was more from overwhelming stink than tears.

We've had dogs get skunked but this was the first one of the kids to be on the recieving end. He showered in tomato sauce. That helped, but not completely. He sprayed so much cologne on himself and the house that I can't tell which odor is assaulting my sinuses more. This is funny and I thought I'd share it after the laughter subsided enough to type coherently. It's the same kid who wanted to see why the paint cans have instructions not to puncture... the smell is easier to deal with than the head and face full of yellow spray paint was.


Anonymous said...

Roxann, I just read something about this because of a story told to me by someone else ( who said that the tomato juice didn't work for their dog). You are a chemist, see what you think.:

" You can use a solution invented by Paul Krebaum, an Illinois chemist:

1 quart of hydrogen peroxide
¼ cup of baking soda
1 teaspoon of dish soap

Combine the ingredients at the time of use. This solution works to remove skunk odor because of a chemical reaction initiated immediately upon combining the ingredients. If it sits for too long, it will become ineffective.

Apply the mixture to the affected areas, let it set for about five minutes and rinse. If you need to repeat the process, you must create a new solution, as the chemical reaction quickly expires. Avoid getting it into your pet’s eyes, nose and mouth. "

Roxann said...

The smell has faded to almost a memory in the house and close to unnoticeable on Garrison already. It's his clothes that will likely need the recipe, but I don't have the baking soda. Tomorrow I'll get some and mix it in the washing machine and throw the clothes in right behind. We'll see how it works then ;)

Went into the bathroom and it looks like a murder scene with all the tomato sauce everywhere. LOL. He didn't skimp on it.

flowerweaver said...

ROTFLMBO! Poor kid, but funny story. Looks like Bob found a good recipe, let us know how it works!

Roxann said...

LOL. He took 3 showers that day and again the next morning, paranoid that the kids or teachers would smell him. But he didn't stink anymore. Poor thing. I felt sorry for both the skunk and him. Of course, the skunk faired far worse.