Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice and Sleet, and a little Snow too

The great winter storm of 2010 hasn't been too bad so far. The rain started freezing as it fell yesterday afternoon, resulting in the icicles in the pictures, but soon after it turned to sleet and that's mainly what precipitation we've gotten all night.
It is cold and windy, though! My fingers were freezing when I tried to take these pictures and my lense adjuster wouldn't work, so I didn't take very many. I'll go back outside later when I've thawed some to take more.
Since I was able to walk down the hill and back up again to feed the horses, I turned them out. I'd penned them up in case the ice was too slippery, but with the layer of sleet over the ice, its better footing.
We left the faucets running last night, and all is well on the water front. At work, I caught up on all of my samples, so although I might be able to make it in this morning, I'm going to take this opportunity to be home instead.

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