Sunday, January 03, 2010

More Pics

Bobbie Sue:

Badger and Bobbie Sue

Greenery on ice:

Old White oak:

Homestead Bell:

Across to the valley:

Snow pile on post:

Wood, metal and stone:


Anonymous said...

' a real winter wonderland, roxann. These kind of photos makes a person want to run out and move to middle-of-nowhere arkansas without thinking twice. You and your family have put together a wonderful homestead.

Nice dogs. My dog is much smaller than your's. She has never seen snow, but I don't think she would approve. She hesitates to go outside in the early morning when it is cold, even here in the desert.

Thanks again for the photos. It gives much more realism to the blog, and to your homestead. ..bob

Roxann said...

Chester is a small dog, about 1/8 the size of Badger. He doesn't like to stay out long, and he wouldn't behave long enough to get in the pictures today. The kids are out there now, but they wouldn't come outside while I was taking pics earlier. It's getting too dark to take more today.

Anonymous said...

wow..I'm cold looking at your pictures. My sis and her family is NW Arkansas (Springdale) I wonder if they have this too

NitWit1 said...

Yes we have a winter wonderland here, too, but other than a night snow shot out my front door; otherwise I'm confined to house for health issues.

I love the dogs too.

Roxann said...

ArkansasCyndi, Springfield isn't far away from me. They probably got the snow, but they also probably have sand/salt on the roads so at least getting around isn't hard. Where I live is mostly dirt roads and they don't do anything with those. I barely got back to the house tonight in my little car - my own driveway was the only hard part!

Nitwit1, I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Hope you get better soon!