Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Camping at Work

The parts for my jeep came in today, so I brought them over to the mechanic in Huntsville. We talked a little about how long it might take. I said, no pressure or anything, but if you can get it done by Friday, I might get to go home this weekend. He laughed. We both know that if it gets as cold as it's predicted to on Thursday, he won't be in the shop. But he did say he'd try to have it done.

I've been camping at work. The road is still too snowy/packed for my truck to get out if I did make it up Snotgrass hill (there's debate over whether the name is 'snotgrass' or 'snodgrass' no one really seems to know). But if the jeep isn't done, I will get home this weekend anyway. I'll just park at the bottom of the hill and get someone on the other end to come pick me up - either one of the neighbors or Garrison on the 4-wheeler. If we do the 4-wheeler, though, we'll be popsicles by the time we get back to the house unless he remembers to bring a big blanket to wrap in on the way there and back. That might work.

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NitWit1 said...

Geez if it is as miserable as it is here, and I live in town, You will be a a great big block of ice, not a popsicle!

I have to get out and make a round trip of 30 mi today for Dr. appt. and some shopping. UGH!