Sunday, January 03, 2010

First Snow

First 'real' snow of 2010. So far, about an inch, but it's steadily coming down and it looks like at this pace we might have a few inches by tomorrow if it doesn't stop.
I love the snow. Even the cold doesn't feel so cold when it's snowing. But it is only 19*F, and hands do have a tendency to freeze. The dogs love it, though. They are much more playful when it's cold out. Maybe they do that to stay warm, but they appear to like it.
My camera battery is charging right now, but I'll take more pics later on today when it is ready.


Anonymous said...

Great photos. Is the bell yours ? How quaint. It is cold here in Phoenix today, too. I Must look for my one pair of long khakis. Only supposed to be 75 degrees for a high, today. I am looking forward to seeing additional photos. What do the dogs and horses think of the snow? ....bob

Roxann said...

Hi Bob, yes the bell is ours. We don't really use it, but it looks pretty. The dogs love the snow. The horses think they need an endless supply of hay and food when it's snowing and I can't tell whether they like it or not. Chester, the smallest dog, slips down a lot going uphill in the snow, so he's always running around with a face-full of snow, like a kid in cake icing, lol. but he gets cold easily and doesn't stay outside long.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, you can get a photo of Chester in the snow. Your bell does look pretty. Makes one think of Laura Ingalls and her school yard. Stay warm ...bob