Saturday, December 01, 2007

Today's project was to move the old iguana cage and turn it into my seed-starting mini-greenhouse. It's very heavy so I had my oldest son help me move it. The ground where it is has a drop of about 1' for every 5', and the cage is about 5' deep, so I had to stack rocks under the back end a foot high to make it semi-level.
It didn't go well the first time. I had almost all the the rocks stacked and needed just one more under the front end to make it look just right. Well, when I lifted the front end to slide the rock under, it started an avalanch on the other end and the whole thing slipped off the little walls I'd so meticulously, but apparently not correctly, stacked. Yes, some mortar would make it a lot stronger, but I don't have time for that today. Ha, but I have time to stack the whole thing over again!
Finally got it mostly finished, at least enough to keep the chickens out of it. Still need to drape the plastic over it and make some shelves inside, but I won't need it until later on anyway. I have a picture of it to post, but the picture loader wasn't working a while ago. I'll try it again in a minute.
My friend Dena will be doing the seed starting, for the most part, but this mini-green house will allow me to hold seedlings and start a few seeds of my own. Without the cage, the chickens wreak havoc. The garden is not right here by the house, so they don't bother that. I do have a little garden by the house, but covering the roots of the plants with feed sacks weighed down with rocks seems to be enough to keep them from dying. But last season the chickens were still very small. This year they might be ravenous for that to work. We'll see.

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