Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm trying something new right now. I'm making a pie from scratch! I know, this is probably old hat for a lot of you, but I've never made a pie completely from scratch before. Starting with the cushaw squash that my neighbor grew. It took me more than an hour to cut up and peel the squash - that was a chore! Then I added too much water to the cut up squash and it took all day yesterday and today to cook it out. But now the squash filling is ready and the pie crust is in the refrigerator getting ready for me to roll out. I made the pie crust too, and I sure hope all this tastes good in the end because I've never heard of someone spending TWO days making ONE pie, LOL. Hopefully, it won't take so long next time because now I know what I did wrong and will do it better next time. There will be a next time if this pie holds at least enough promise to make it worth a next time :)

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