Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Okay, I guess I'm ready to post about my little farmstead's recent loss. Floppy, the evil goat, died a few nights ago. Everyone hated this goat, but it was a love/hate relationship. She could be very sweet, but she was also sneaky with her horns and frequently would check to see if she might be able to disembowel you from time to time. But I loved her from the beginning and could see past her faults to the wonderful goatie that she really was. I'm not sure what happened, but I'd been working late and didn't really pay her enough attention until the day I got home and could immediately tell something was wrong with her. She was breathing funny and obviously in distress. I thought maybe she'd eaten too much and was bloated. All the treatments I tried seemed to make her feel better and when I left her to go in for the night, I really thought she'd make it through the ordeal. She's been much sicker in the past, when she ate a poisonous plant. But she was dead the next morning. I'm not going to get any more goats until I'm home more often to care for them. And I'm selling Frosty, the little goat I had recently gotten for Floppy's companion.

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