Thursday, August 17, 2006

I saw something surreal on the way to work this morning. A coyote was eating a deer carcass located in a cow pasture close to the roadside. What made it so surreal was the fact that I was only able to catch a glimpse of the whole scene, and the contrast between the furtive and edgey coyote, grabbing bites between hurried looks around and the placid calm natures of the cows at the scene. They were paying no attention to the predator in their midst. It was so strange!


Farmer Steve said...

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Farmer Steve said...

Ok, first time to try this,
Good job on the blog and site "earthelder"
Our Great Pyr, Mannix, is only 6 months old and aready one of the best dogs I have ever had. We had a premature little calf born. I found it by the spring last week and brought it up to the barn. Mannix imediately started licking it all over and whinning. He took the calf as it was his own! Unbelivable site to watch. We bottled fed the baby to give it a little boost, and Mannix would even lick the milk off the calves chin. When I brought Mama Cow in the barn to take over, she ran us all out, and I swear that dog was heart broken!
All is well now, and when I go check on the calf, Mannix is at my side, and makes his own check.
How does an animal know that?
Gods wonders never end.
Little things like that happen on a farm remind me how blessed I am to live this life!

Earthelder said...

Farmer Steve I think great pyr's are the best dogs ever, too! I hope my Badger survives longer than Cathy did, though. I still think maybe someone stole her, but it's possible a bear or something got her.