Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Although to me, it has been looking like fall lately, it hasn't felt that way. This morning felt very fall-ish, though! I played with the puppy and Bobbie Sue and enjoyed the cool breeze this morning before heading out for work. Bobbie Sue is the dog we rescued from the Harrison animal shelter last year. She's being a good big sister to our new pup, Badger. Badger is a replacement for our Great Pyr dog that never came home after heading out on a mission a few weeks ago. Cathy was the first GP I've ever owned and I really came to love her. She did a great job guarding the whole household and associated animals. However, I think she may have gone up against a bear mother with cubs, because that's about the only thing I think could have killed her. Badger is also a GP, but he's still too young to do a lot of guarding. He's only 9 weeks old. I'll get another one in a few weeks when the litter is ready to wean and hopefully two of them together will keep each other safe. Maybe they can convince the bears to take the ridge tops instead of our valley to travel between their destinations.

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