Friday, August 11, 2006

Day before yesterday, I discovered the most awful garden bug I think I've ever seen. Blister beetles had invaded and totally destroyed, decimated, ANNILHIATED my tomatoes!!!! All in one day! And I thought the hornworms were bad about that, but this was incredible. I've never seen a blister beetle before, so didn't recognize it at first until I did a little googling. It seems that it must not be a common garden pest, because I've never heard anyone lamenting about this bug, tis always the hornworm I'm hearing about. And none of the links gave any advice on what to do about it. So I used DE with pyrethrins and dusted the entire tomatoe patch good with it on my way out to work yesterday morning. When I got in yesterday evening, they were no where in sight. I hope that means they're gone for good, but I am not convinced that easily. So, I am on blister beetle patrol for the rest of my life, I guess. That is one bug that will never find an easy living in my garden.

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