Sunday, March 22, 2009

Traveling Lab Tech

Darn, this one didn't come out too good. It's hard to take good photos while driving! No one seems to think the speed limit signs mean anything here, by the way. I was trying to take a picture of the farm and the church steeple.

Those big things over there are windmills. Only a few were turning, and not very fast. It must take a good breeze to turn those giant blades. Sorry, it too was taken while driving down the road. Maybe I'll find some better scenes tomorrow and hopefully they will happen in places where I can actually pull over and take time to get good shots.

Since yesterday afternoon I've been in York, PA. All of the downtown streets in most of the cities/towns or boroughs/townships look similar to this. The houses and shops are right on the street and you have to be so careful driving through to make sure you don't hit someone crossing the street or opening car doors. I've managed to get lost a few times, but I always seem to end up where I'm trying to go in the end. And I always get to see interesting sites along the way. There was no where to park and just get out to take pictures, though, so all of them have been taken from inside the truck while stopped at red lights.
Tomorrow it's onward to King of Prussia to drop off the first set of samples at the lab over there. What a name for a town! After that I'll be heading for WV, but I'll stop over in Waynesboro, VA to sleep. Beckley and MacArthur are the WV stops and then onward to Kingsport, TN where I'll stay overnight again before heading out for Knoxville.


flowerweaver said...

We see trucks carrying the blades to those wind turbines going up our highway. Each blade is gigantic and longer than the bed of a semi! They must be coming from Mexico or South Texas to be on our roads.

Hope you get to take more pics outside your truck! Drive safely!

Roxann said...

Ha! Everytime I see something I'd like to get a picture of, I'm flying past it with lines of traffic behind me. I'm sure the drivers behind me are cursing those slow AR drivers...but I'm being safe on the road; that's why the pics are so bad. I'm not looking at what the viewfinder is finding. Until I get back to the hotel and download them, anyway. I've seen those turbine blades going down the road before too - they are unbelievably big.

Evelyn said...

I have a series of bumper stickers that say, "Pass me... I'm retired and I get better mileage than you."
I travel at 50mph. That's the sweet spot for mileage. I get near 50mpg on my Corolla & 12mpg on my motorhome (8mpg is normal on the MH).

At 50mph, I can take pix & have them turn out well. :)

Roxann said...

LOL, even at 50 mph, I don't think I can take good pictures.