Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tenacity, Perserverence, and Persistence. These are my three favorite words. Recently I noticed a dandelion growing in the concrete; she embodied the word 'Tenacity' perfectly. It was how she maintained her precious hold on the tiny speck of dirt that sustained her form. Perserverence and Persistence are related and very similar to Tenacity; the meanings are difficult to separate from each other and there is overlap between them. I would say that Tenacity is the overall circle with Perserverance and Persistence being smaller overlapping circles inside. You know the circles I'm talking about, right? The ones we learned about in grade school to define sets and subsets? Some things might be inside one circle, but not the other and all of the items in each circle are within the larger circle? Well I know I haven't defined any of the words, but just wanted to spark your mind to see if you think of these words like I do. There is much going on in my life right now and I've learned that some people have tenacity and some don't - much like tender plants and hardy ones. I am a dandelion.

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Anonymous said...

Those are "Society of Friends" words. I have a friend called "Tenacity".

Look like you missed the snow way up n PA . That is good, at least.