Sunday, March 01, 2009

Pics from recent ice storm

I finally got the pictures from my cell phone put on the computer. There were only 2 that were clear enough to post. The first is on the county road going up past Doug and Don's toward Bernie Mountain Rd. In the picture it looks like little more than a logging road. It is normally a fairly decent road, wide enough for the school bus, at least. The second is looking out toward the east from our porch. The camera didn't capture the splendor of the light coming through the ice; that was something incredibly beautiful to see.


flowerweaver said...

Wow, it looks cold but ethereal! It was 91 degrees here when you posted this, so it's sort of hard to comprehend. We should be having cooler day temps than this. It's been getting to 20 at night so the plants don't know what to think. Kind of hard on us too!

Anonymous said...

Good pics, Roxanne. 'looks like there would not be much speeding on that county road, and where are the street lights ......bobford

Evelyn said...

Ice storms are so beautiful, and... like snow... I love LOOKING at them!