Friday, March 06, 2009

Ginseng Workshop

March 14 2009
Choosing the site

Even though the season is almost past for planting seeds, now is a good time of year to get a good look at potential ginseng planting sites on your property to get ready for next year. Or you can transplant seedlings from now to the end of spring. Join me next weekend for a walk-about and site inspection of my ginseng plots. We may even find some very early spring plants out - at least there will be rattlesnake fern and putty root orchids around, and possibly we'll see the bloodroot buds and ginseng furls.

$25/ea, about 4 or 5 hours, Saturday Mar 14. Please RSVP by email.

Please note: This hike is rated 'challenging' or 'difficult'.

The next herb walk is scheduled for April 4.

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Anonymous said...

How much are the little 'scooter' or 4wd golf cart rentals? ....bobford

Roxann said...

LOL. Bob, I don'think they make scooters or golf carts for this route...not even good for 4-wheelers. However, a good 4-legged mule or horse could do it. That's what my horse is going to do once he gets the hang of how to carry me around without throwing me off.

But, there are easier hikes for those not inclined or able to do the hard one. This particular hike that we're doing next weekend is not that one, though. The best sites and plants are just hard to get to.