Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fall Colors

This morning I could see on the hillsides a golden cast. The colors are getting ready. Sunkist tips of maple leaves are turning now, and before long the whole tree will be ablaze in a translucent red glow. Those are my favorites.

But the bright gold of the sycamores in contrast with their white limbs and peeling trunks catch my eye, too. Can't overlook the deep reds of dogwoods, either.

Soon the Ozarks will be washed in color. It's looking like this year will be a banner year for color and I'm getting my camera batteries charged.


Nancy@el vigilante said...

The Ozarks sound lovely this time of year. I've never had the pleasure of visiting, but your post makes me want to take a road trip some time soon. Thank you for sharing!

NitWit1 said...

I will enjoy your photos, even though I live here, as I will be in Ark. Heart Hospital. I know I will love them as I have seen beautiful autumns here.

Last year I captured a cemetery in Springfield MO that certainly rivaled the one in Harrison for maples.

Roxann said...

Thanks Nancy - The Ozarks are lovely - hope you can make it out here soon. Best color is toward the end of the month :)

Nitwit1, I hope you will be alright! Are you having surgery or there with a loved one? You'll be in my thoughts while I'm getting the pictures posted. This year's fall foliage shots will be for you :)