Saturday, October 09, 2010


Today brings reflections on my 'grandmother' status. Except it's really a 'MawMaw' status, since in our family the grandmother is a generation older than the mawamaw, lol.

Chloe' Annette Cook arrived safely into the world yesterday around 11:30 a.m. She weighed 5lb 11oz and is healthy, just small. Late yesterday evening there was some concern with her breathing, and today we'll find out more what the doctors meant by that. (update: all is cleared and both baby and mother are going home today.)

For a little while during delivery, I thought we were going to lose Zack, but he held up and had recovered enough to cut the cord when it was all done.

Chloe's birthday is very close to Lillie's birthday. Lillie is my first grandbaby, born to Amanda Stanton, Gary's oldest daughter. She's turning 3 on Monday. I don't see Lillie very often because I live up here and they live down in LA.

And early next year, Gabrielle will produce the third grandbaby, hopefully not during a February ice storm.

I'm afraid I'm not a very motherly mother (not the 'Betty Crocker' kind who bakes cookies, lol), and even farther from a grandmotherly grandmother. But seeing how they're all beginnning to pile up now, I might ought to begin doing more of whatever it is that mawmaws are supposed to be doing.


Ms Snarky Pants said...

Congratulations! She's lovely!

compostpyle said...

Congratulation on your new grandbaby and being a new grandma, wonderful. She is so beautiful. Think of all the cool things you will be teaching her and all the herb and wilderness hikes you can do together.

We just got back from Pensacola FL to see our sons first baby. Our new grandson makes it our 7th grandbaby : ). All under 8 yrs old, talk about coming fast whahooo!

We took the long way going and coming home hit 11 states and dropped in on the Smokies Mtns on the way back. Great time.

OH and great blog material too : )

Enjoy your sweet little granddaughter.

tc linda

Roxann said...

Thank y'all :)

Wow, Linda! That's a lot of grandbabies, lol. Glad you had a good trip and hope you'll post some pictures :)

Juli said...

((((((((( Roxann ))))))))))

I'm so glad Little Chloe is doing well :)

There are many of us who don't fit the stereotypical mold but who knows, Betty Crocker might have beat her children when no one was watching. What makes a person a good person, in any respect, is their intentions and what's in their heart.

We have so much in common and I'm sorry to hear we have the current situation in common as well. May it work out perfectly for both of us !