Monday, July 05, 2010

Garden Projects

In my tiny garden beside the house, I've been stacking rocks.

The rocks are varied in size and shape. Thick flat rocks, roundish cobblestones, and square brick shaped are common and abundant here. Rather than sort the rocks, I just use whatever is nearest at hand and go from there.

Makes for messy walls, I know. But so little else is organized and neat in my life, why should the walls be any different?

I stacked them from inside. The fence is level, so I wanted to build up the gap between the ground and bottom of the fence. It's meant to keep out dogs, cats, chickens, and horses. I doubt it will keep out the cats if they really want in, though.
First, this cute picture of Cheese in Zack's boot:

The fence is aluminum and I got it from a lady who posted it on Freecycle. Until now, I hadn't found a good use for it, but I knew sooner or later I would. Yes, I'm a packrat.

The ground is fairly sloped, so I have to look uphill toward the garden from down below the front of the house. Hopefully, this will help with erosion and the ground on the inside will build up behind the wall over time.


NitWit1 said...

Stacking rocks is a HARD job. I've done it around here when I was somewhat younger. There is no lack of ROCKS, just strong backs!

compostpyle said...

Hi Roxann, say you scored on that fence. I thought it was wood.

Are you able to start a vine on the side and let it grow on the fence? Yep you got rocks :)

Did you just dry stack your wall. It looks so good.

Now thats a real "puss n' boots", cute

I have been up in the morning hours checking about some of our oak trees. Some are turning brown, I feared the worst , oak wilt :(. Kills the tree : (.

But found out its galls, a tiny wasp that makes galls on the trees. Also its reported they jump when on the ground , like jumping beans.

There's been lots of reports in the midwest calling in. Down your way and even TX. Have you spoted this on your Oaks?

B/c we had a snow that lasted for over a month on the ground it helped protect the little buggers. The trees will be ok just makes for an early fall. Its not effecting all our oaks just a few on the one kind, I think its called a live oak, long slender leaves with no fingers like the others and my favorite oaks.

I went out tis morning and seen those galls , blast, but so glad its not oak wilt.

Plus all the wet we have rec. and its raining again, that doesn't help : (

tc linda

Roxann said...

Hi Linda, we have red-oak borer here, just made it this way this year although it's been in the surrounding areas for a while. All the red oaks are dying, I think. The oak with no fingers is a pin oak, I believe. Haven't seen any of those around here, but they used to have them in LA where I lived. I hope what we have is just a temporary wilt and not the borers!

The wall is dry stack. It's not a professional job, so won't stand up to being sat on or anything, but should do fine for what I have intended. Ha, I still have several more sections of that fence to use, too. I wanted a morning glory vine on it, but haven't planted one yet.

Roxann said...

Something strange is going on with blogger. My replies have disappeared.

I'm going to see what happens to this one before I spend much time composing again :(

Roxann said...

Well, now the one that was gone is back, LOL. Nitwit, yours is still gone, though. Anyway, what I said was that the weak link is definitely not going to be a lack of rocks, but lack of back. Otherwise, I'll build walls until I can no longer move the rocks :)

Anonymous said...

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D'Coda said...

Good job! The stone adds a wonderful touch. And very cute kitten photo.

Roxann said...

Thanks D'Coda. The wall is already catching silt trying to erode downhill.

Roxann said...

Thanks, Victoria - I didn't know about this group :)