Sunday, June 27, 2010

This morning I sat outside on the swing and had my coffee before the rest of the household (dogs, cats, chickens, etc.) knew I was out there.

The wind feels special here. I'm sure it carries a message, but I'm just not listening properly to be able to translate. A whispering chorus, starting high on the ridge-tops before eventually reaching the valley bottom and moving past my point of reference toward the east.

There were no other sounds this morning to detract from the experience – nature’s stage entirely.

Until the dogs noticed I was sitting there. Then all calm was gone and it became a contest to see who could get the most attention. Badger's the biggest, but Chester is loudest. And Bobbie Sue most insistent.


CompostPyle said...

I love those non domestic sounds we get to listen to at just the right time we need : )

How you manage to escape from you fur friends! lol

tc linda,

you get some time I'm planning a Plant Camp on my blog each monday. Add some of your favorites w/ link back to your blog

Someday I'm coming down for one of your herb walks , would so love to do that.

Roxann said...

Hi Linda! Would love to have you down here, just set the date and I'll try to cooperate :)

Fur friends were in front and I was sneaky, LOL.

Your Plant Camp sounds like fun. When does it start? I'll try to remember to do it :) Might have to poke me to remind me, though...

CompostPyle said...

I don't know about this fall but maybe spring next yr.
I love the fall so. I'll let you know way in advance and work around your window.

I got black Cohosh growing, yeah had to buy it , haven't looked in the woods enough to ID and really know the nature of the plant.

I know its hard to look at all the blogs , gosh its hard enough just to do ones own blog,lol

I did my first Plant Camp last Monday on a new plant I got for the homestead, Compass Plant, its a pretty interesting plant.

Hope you can make it but the thing w/ blogs it ain't go'n nowhere and you can catch up on free time whatever that is ,lol.

tc linda

NitWit1 said...

Beautifully written; love the interlude of dog activity.

Roxann said...

Thanks, Nitwit :)