Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ozark Defensive

The boys recently discovered a huge hornet's nest under the shed drop. While I was at Wal-mart the other day, Zack called to ask me to pick up 'a' can of wasp spray. So I did.

Usually we don't go out of the way to kill anything, but this could potentially be a dangerous situation even for someone not allergic.

We already had a half-can and once given the full can, it presented a conundrum. Who would get to battle the mighty hornets with only half a can of spray? Neither felt brave enough to attempt such a feat with inadequate weapons. They battled between themselves until Garrison suggested a round of paper/rock/scissors to make the draw.

Nearly dusk now, Garrison took the full can. Zack, with a defeated look on his face, as if he knew he was marching toward certain death, took the half-can.

They assumed positions in what they'd determined to be the best tactical approach and commenced the skirmish.

Once spray hit the entrance, hornets began pouring out, rightfully defensive and very, very angry.

Garrison dropped the full can and abandoned his post, leaving Zack scrambling for his dropped can while continuing to direct the stream of spray from his half-can into the hole, hoping to hit as many of the beasts as he could while putting the second can into action. Praying all this happened without a pause in stream delivery.

So he finished spraying out the full can, after emptying the rest of the half-can. Once it was all said and done, we had a good laugh out. No one was stung.


Anonymous said...

Why no pictures of the hornets.

Roxann said...

Well because. No camera operator on the front lines!

Anonymous said...

Oh funny!!!
I got stung by wasps while working on the chicken house last week. I grabbed a big unseen nest and got stung 6 times on one hand and multiple times on back and head. I was trapped in a tight spot and had nowhere to go, just had swing, cuss, and take it. Really swelled bad on the hand. After ice and Benadrill, I Had to go back, kill them, and still fix the problem, with one hand! I don't know why God made wasps, poisionus snakes, fire ants and the like. Hope to get ask, one far off day;)

Roxann said...

We all thought it was pretty funny, too, but was grateful no one got stung :)

NitWit1 said...

Great war strategy! No time for camera when life is imperiled.

Roxann said...

NitWit1, LOL. I wish I could say I helped, but I just watched from the kitchen window!

I'm not scared of snakes, bears, or coyotes, but a stinging wasp or hornet will do me in, hahaha.