Sunday, June 20, 2010

More rocks

This year, it seems, my garden consists mostly of rocks. I planted some more over the weekend.

I've always admired the rock steps in other gardens with slope, and my own are beginning to take shape.

There's a little bit of thyme planted on both sides of the top step. When it takes root and spreads, I'll move bits and pieces of it all around my garden. At least I'll have lots of thyme somewhere.

The little gap under the second step will provide shelter for toads, and hopefully not copperheads or rattlers. If it turns out that I have unwanted guests in the garden because of it, I guess I'll fill in the space.

This year's efforts have been directed at foundation. Getting the beds built (not even halfway finished) and putting up the fence (almost finished). Admittedly, its a tiny garden, and it seems to be taking forever to get it done. But time is extremely short these days for me, so the project size fits the time-allotment.

Next year I might get something besides rocks planted.


Anonymous said...

You won't know if snakes hide under that rock until you are ankle-bit. What is the strange looking hammer?

Roxann said...

Hmm. Good point. Maybe it'd be sunning itself on that nice flat rock and I'd see it first.

You do have a point there :( Guess I'll fill it in now. So much for toads' house idea, LOL.

The strange-looking hammer is a garden tool of some sort. Not sure what it's called. Has a horizontal cutting edge on one end and tines on the other. Works great for carving out hardened dirt and prying smallish rocks. I pretty much use it for my all-around garden tool.

CompostPyle said...

LOL on planting rocks. Your rock steps are look'n good. Yah you might want to think about that toad home. Maybe something a little off the path.

We have to keep our eyes open for copperheads and rattlers.

I jumped over a copperhead to get to my morel's a couple of yrs ago.

After all the hard work of planting rocks you will be done, well sort of, but you'll have more time to do other things. Ah move'n more rocks : )

Wish I had those rocks here.

tc linda, a rock hugger

flowerweaver said...

Looks great! Our toads prefer sleeping in Farmer Rick's wet tennis shoes after we've gone swimming in the river. He has to remember to dump them out each time we go again!

Roxann said...

LOL about jumping the snake to get to the morels. I understand!

Yes, I'll put the toad house on the side, more incorporated into the beds somewhere so they can eat bugs where I need them most. But it could still house a snake instead. Just won't go poking around in there unawares, then.

I'm such a 'rock hugger' too. I'm in rock heaven here - and to believe I once PAID for rocks to use in my gardens down in LA. Everytime I move a rock, I think about that.

Roxann said...

Oh Flowerweave, I can't even begin to imagine what it must feel like to put on a wet tennis shoe with toad wriggling around inside!!!

Guess it's better than some of the other critters that could be hiding out in there, though.