Monday, May 31, 2010

Plant Pictures

Here are some pictures from a walk down my road the other day.

Wild Strawberries:

Wild hydrangea:

Still working on ID. If you know it, please let me know:

Ninebark flower:
Milkweed, one of several varieties around here:
Giant Solomon's seal stem and leaves:

Giant Solomon Seal flowers:
Daisy: Prunella/Allheal:


CompostPyle said...

HI , great pictures. Could that one plant be Heart-leaved Skullcap scutellaria ovata

check this sight

I was thining mabe mookshood but Heart-leaved Skullcap looked a lot closer to the one you have.

I'll ck back later to see if it is.

Also got a plant of my own to ID as well on next blog . Sure is fun walking those woods : )

tc linda

CompostPyle said...

hope this works better


Roxann said...

I thought scullcap at first, but couldn't find a good picture that looked like it, also looked at monkshood and though no, that's not it. But I'll go look at the links you gave, you might be right about the scutellaria ovata.

Roxann said...

Thanks Linda, that does look a lot like it. Now I need to get back out to the plant to check out the other parts to see if they match up. There was only the one plant, so I didn't want to take it with me.

CompostPyle said...

Hope thats the plant.

I have a plant that needs IDing, when you get some time could you go over to my blog and see if you know that one, thanks

Roxann said...

Heading your way now :)

NitWit1 said...

Glad to see someone besides me has a tad or trouble identifying plants in the wild, althoug that is not entirely correct as they are in their natural setting, hence not wild.

Roxann said...

Nitwit, ha, I have lots of plants I can't identify! I learned also from being on the native plant lists that even the botanists will ask for help confirming or identifying plants, so we shouldn't feel ashamed. It's the best way to learn, actually :)

flowerweaver said...

Has a square stem with bilateral flowers, so it's likely in the mint/salvia family. Maybe this will help you narrow it down.