Sunday, May 09, 2010

Bluff Dwellers' Cave

Today we went on a little hike down a steep side of the mountain to see a cave where Native American bluff dwellers used to live. It's a private site. This is the cave. You can see where the roof has caved in. The original floor level is a few feet down. Silt has accumulated over the years.

A few grinding rocks and scraps:

More grinding rocks and a collection of bone shards:

A bigger pile of bone shards:


Anonymous said...

Very interesting photographs. Is this on your property? What do you do with the bones? Were they already exposed?

Roxann said...

No, this isn't on my property. We didn't dig anything while we were there, just looked and took pictures. All of the things in the photos were already exposed by someone else.

NitWit1 said...

Was this an Ozsrk dwelling or elsewhere--no need to be more specific than yeas or no.

Just like to know which bluff dwellers we are looking at.

Roxann said...

Yes, it's Ozarks. There are many such sites around here, but most have been completely plundered over the years.

CompostPyle said...

Hi Roxann, its walkabout from a time ago. My new name is CompostPyle,lol. My pc has been down and before that i could not leave a message here, but I'v been following along.

All is new for me now, laptop that works , new blogspot here plus we traded Locust Trail Homestead with DD and family and moved to their home smack in the woods. We needed smaller and woods they needed bigger. The drive is 10 min away and I feel like i'm in the Ozarks : ), w/ running creek and all. Finds of arrowheads in the creek as well. So very much enjoyed your post of the cave and findings

Hopes of taking one your herb walks someday. Got a couple of cohosh plants started and some other cool wild plants that I bought at Powell Gardens plant sell.

Got ya on the follow list in here. So very happy I can now comment on your page. LOVE your pics and writings, hugs linda

bglen said...

is this near the bluff dwellers cave on 59 south? or is just somewhere?

Roxann said...

Hi Linda, It's been a while since you left your comment, but I must not have gotten notification. Sorry to be so late in responding!

Is your new computer still holding up? I'll hop over to your blog to see what you've been up to lately.

Roxann said...

Hi bglen, LOL, 'just somewhere'. It's on private property. Is the one on 59 an
actual cave or just a bluff overhang?

Anonymous said...

Bluff Dweller Cavern on Hwy 59 south is an amazing of missouri's best kept secret..Not just a bluff! And artifact were found under bluff, date back to 5000 BC. Very first people to live in Missouri...check out the website!