Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Graduation 2010 - Gabrielle

Here are a few pictures from Gab's senior portraits. She surprised us at graduation by being a recipient of $15,400 in scholarships, with another $4000 pending.

Even if the pending one doesn't come through, she'll have enough to make a lot of headway toward her degree.

She's decided to go into Pediatric Nursing and will pursue an RN from North Arkansas college in Harrison. In addition, she landed a job which should begin next week at the hospital there in the same town. They'll work with her to schedule her hours around her classes.


Anonymous said...

She should be proud of her achievement. A lot of different options are available for someone with a B.S. RN. She is also very photogenic. I'm sure you and your family are proud of her.

CompostPyle said...

Congrats to your dd, all that good hard work pays off. Good job :)

I remember when you all started out on your homestead, oh how she has grown to a beautiful young lady, she couldn't help it though, she has always been a cutie.

The very best to her in the field she is choosing

Roxann said...

Thanks Anonymous, we are proud of her :)

Haha, in her case, I think luck may have had more to do with it than hard work. From here on out, though, it definitely will be hard work. Things sure have changed a lot since we first started out here, that's for sure. It's good to hear your familiar voice here, even if your name has changed to CompostPyle :)

flowerweaver said...

She's a beautiful and smart girl, I know you are proud!