Monday, November 16, 2009

Gab's deer

It's a little lopsided in the antlers, and had a gimpy leg - a good one to cull. She did good!


Anonymous said...

Hurray for the females. Good for her. You should be cooking venison soon, Roxann -- two deer harvested in four days is excellent. .....bob

Exmoorjane said...

Over from Authonomy....and weird, so weird - this is so familiar....I wonder if I have found you before, when I was doing a lot of blogging?

We live in prime deer country - red deer (which are yours? they look similar).... Yum, love venison.

Off to track other blog now.... jxxxx

Anonymous said...

Good Job Gabrelle!
(and Zack)
and keep trying Garrison!
I am still trying myself.
Farmer Steve

Michele said...

YAYYY for Gabby!!! The most beautiful, savvy hunter on the web! Who says girls can't hunt?!? lol Good job Gab! When's stew on?

Joyce Paski said...

Nice buck, Gab!