Sunday, August 02, 2009

I think it's Good Now.

For real. This morning there was around 300 gallons in the tank, with no signs of leaks anywhere. So I am breathing easier, finally, and feel pretty sure this is the end of water woes for at least a little while. We've been able to take showers and wash a couple load of clothes today and not sweat over it too much. Now I'm already thinking of winter preparations. I found the heating cables so I plan to wrap the exposed lines at the house with them soon. The line is exposed all the way down the logging road, though, where the floods earlier and last year washed them out. So they'll freeze anyway if I don't keep a good hard drip going during the cold spells.


Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Good luck on the end of your water woes.The coon incident has me wondering about getting chickens as we have coons around and no guard dog!

Roxann said...

Carol, coons absolutely LOVE chickens! My MIL used to keep chickens and she was able to minimize coon problems with a superstrong henhouse to pen them up at night. Normal chicken wire won't be enough, the coons can tear it open. She still lost some; they would grab a chicken by the neck or leg and pull what they could through the fence, even. But it was not often that this happened.

My chickens are free range right now and have a house to sleep in at night, but it's not tight enough to keep out predators. Only by the grace of God and our dog do we have any at all. I think we've lost maybe three or four in the 4 years I've had them. Badger (a great pyr) even watches the skies for owls, hawks and eagles.