Saturday, August 01, 2009

Coon in the Henhouse

Badger and Bobbie Sue must have had some excitement last night. While gathering eggs just now, I found a dead coon in the chicken's yard. No sign of chicken struggle, so the dogs must have gotten to him before he tried to get one. We have some awesome guardian dogs, otherwise we would have no chickens because of the coons and predators that love chicken. I'm surprised the critter got so close to begin with, though, because the dogs usually keep the whole area around the house clear of everything but rabbits, which they seem to tolerate until they feel up to a chase.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the dogs showed no signs of the kill -- coons do put up a fight.

I read your last post about finding the additional cut in your water pipe. Let us know when your water is properly working....bob

Roxann said...

There was a lot of blood and spit everywhere the last time they got into a tangle with a coon, but I think they might have been more efficient with dispatching this one. The only sign of struggle was a big hole torn in the coon's throat.

Water update next.