Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Okay, I didn't get the pictures taken or posted last night. When I got home from work, the kids informed me that the computer was crashed - again - so I scratched the whole thing. This morning, though, I got a couple pics, and even though the quality is bad (not enough light) you can see the colors on the wall and the floors. The tiles are rough on the edges, so it's not clean lines, but that is the way I wanted them to look. I'm still mopping grout haze from them; hopefully I'll be able to finish that up and get them sealed this weekend. You can also see my messy kitchen workstations, lol. I'm taking the old cabinets from the old house and refinishing them. They're good quality cabinets, just been painted over one too many times, and the hardware is outdated on them... in other words, I think they're ugly. But a little time and attention will fix that. To buy new ones is just too expensive to justify right now. Today, I'll look at some curtains during lunch.


Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

That floor tile looks like the same we put on our screen porch. We did ours in the diamond lay.I love it! Can't wait to see it finished, good luke! :)

Anonymous said...

Everything looks nice, Roxanne. You are going to have a beauiful place, in the backcountry.

By the way, how is the weather, this time of the year in the Ozarks, compared to Louisiana ? Less humidity ? cooler ? ....bob

Roxann said...

Carol, I like the diamond lay, too. But I think it would have taken more tile and the contractor would have probably charged more to do it that way. The tile laying was the most expensive part of getting this house finished, actually. But I like the tile so much that the same is going in both bathrooms and the utility room :)

Bob, the weather is much less humid than S.Lousiana, at any time of year, but especially during summer. This summer has had some odd weather, though, with cooler than normal temps for mid-July. Last week it was in the lower 50's as I headed out to work! This week is more typical so far. The main difference with the heat between here and there is that there the temp is just as sweltering in the shade as it is in the sun. Here, you can feel a distinct temp. difference when you step into the shade. Plus, here, no matter how hot it is outside, the creeks are ice-cold :) Just wading in them cools me off instantly.