Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All is Good

The water is now back to normal here at the house, even upstairs in the bathroom. Last night we still didn't have enough pressure, but this morning there must finally be enough water in the tank to give us normal pressure at the house.

I'm getting ready to head out to work. The floors are now done in the kitchen, bathroom downstairs and the utility room. The interior doors will be delivered on Friday, and the next thing on the schedule are the doors and walls in the living room. I also still have to paint the bathroom and upstairs. The next item after that is baseboards, and last will be the cabinets. Hard to imagine, but it almost feels like I'm almost finished.

Forgot about the stairs - still need a more efficient way of reaching the upstairs than the ladder I'm currently using!


Anonymous said...

Resolution. Good.

It should make you feel proud, Roxanne, to have found , and solved, the problem on your own......bob

Roxann said...

On one hand, good. On the other hand, bad. It does feel good to know I can, when I have to, do things like this for myself. It was not my goal to be alone in this homesteading quest...but better to go it alone than not at all.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your husband will change his mind. Or, maybe your helpful son will travel or educate himself for a while, and then decide to come home and homestead with you.

You are young , healthy, and smart. Your possibilities are plentiful.

By the way, you can, for about $100 bucks, buy a camera to transmit to your house with video of your water station. I don't really know how they work, but I have seen them advertised.

Make sure your son knows you appreciate his help. He sounds like a good guy.

Roxann said...

Hey! That's a really good idea about the camera. Yes, one of the kids might decide they like this life enough to stay near to it. Even my daughter has said she might come back to it after she's had some time on her own, doing her own thing. And I do want all three of them to see what it is they want out of life first, and if they find themselves missing this place when they're grown, maybe they'll come back. Or not. I'm okay with whatever they choose in vocation or career, or place to live... but it would be nice, if they don't choose to live around here, to choose somewhere I might like to vacation from time to time, lol.

Anonymous said...

I think you have three children. If one ended up in Hawaii, one in Thailand, and one in Phoenix; you would have endless options on where to spend the icy parts of your winters.

* Note * temps reached 121 degrees in my backyard , yesterday; today is predicted to be slightly hotter. I haven't yet checked my temp gauge.

Incidentally, I googled abit about wireless video transmission. The parts appear to be inexpensive, But, you would likely have a problem with obstructions.
If you had power --- you don't have a pump , so I doubt you have power at the water station --- there are kits that use existing electrical lines to transmit.

There is all kind of wild stuff available for backwoods applications, if a person is creative and somewhat mechanically handy. ...bob