Friday, September 28, 2007

I just visited the website of some herb-growing friends of mine, Dave and Floralyn Perry over in the Missouri Ozarks. You should definitely go have a look and plan a get-a-way at their new lodge: , it's very beautiful! They also grow ginseng and medicinal herbs. I haven't been able to go see it yet, but I sure hope to do so soon.

This morning we saw a beaver at the bridge on our way out to school. I love beavers! Most folks out here do not like them, though - they don't like the way their dams cause the water to back up in their hay fields. Then when they take the tractor out to cut hay, it sinks them down to the axles... at least that's why my neighbor up the road doesn't like them. So I told ol' Mr. Beaver to head on over to our creek if anyone out here gives him trouble. I'd love to have my creek backed up, haha. It would create a great habitat for some skunk cabbage that I've been wanting to grow. Skunk cabbage is one of the greatest antispasmodic roots in the herb world, but the plant is endangered or rare in some areas. I've never found any out here, but it is supposed to be here, so maybe it is rare here, too. And if Mr. Beaver is really eager, it might make a good swimming hole, too.


~Dreamseeds~ said...

Ok roxanne, I saw we need a womens retreat at this grapevine
Awesome-sounds liek they are living MY dream!:) And oprobably yours too.

Leaving in the morning -the 1 class turned into 4 classes. Wish me the best. Ack!
see you when I am home again

Roxann said...

That is a great idea! Let me know when you get back from your trip - you will do great with your classes! A women's retreat would be so much fun.

Hey, how did you do that little flashing advert on your post? I want to do that sort of thing when I make posts, too, lol.

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