Wednesday, September 12, 2007

10:11 same day

well, the results were all negative - whooo-hooo! so apparently all this pain was just leftovers from a virus his immune system went overboard in fighting. but just to be on the safe side, i think i'll leave Garrison out of the bamboo harvests in the future.


Roxann said...

maybe all the results were negative, but garrison is still in too much pain to even walk some mornings. he didn't go to school yesterday OR today because even with crutches he could not walk. i'm bringing him in to see the doctor who saw him in the emergency room last week. i hope they can figure out what is wrong, this is getting exasperating and scary!

Roxann said...

we went to the doctor again yesterday and he referred him to a bone and joint doctor who is going to schedule an MRI. But this morning Garrison woke up and his legs were completely free of pain! I am willing to bet that he is allergic to the blue dye in the "new and improved" nightpants he's been wearing. the last pack i bought were the new model that look like blue boxers and he's had the pain since we started that pack. last night was the first night since we started using those that he did not use the blue boxer type and it is a huge coincidence that the pain is completely gone the first night he went without those pants on. he's had night-time bladder problems since he was little and he's almost outgrown it now, but from time to time still has an accident at night and the nightpants for older boys has been a helpful thing for us, making his mornings much less embarrasing and more comfortable. but it's definitely not worth trying the blue ones again if it might cause him such pain...i wish there was a way to find out without chancing it again.

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