Monday, May 07, 2007

5-23-07 (blogger still not dating right)
This weekend I am going to try and begin a fence around my front garden plot. Lets' hope this project turns out better than previous fencing projects! I'm off work Monday, so maybe I'll have a little time to actually get it started. The idea is to make a rustic stick fence. NOT rustic like my other one, which actually elicits laughter from some folks, but rustic in an attractive sense. We'll see. I fought the other one trying to make it look like my imagination wanted it to look, but it just wouldn't work. I have a new idea to try this time.


CJ said...

Roxanne, have you considered Wattle weaving for fences around the garden? They're really beautiful, something I intend to use.

Roxann said...

hey cj! yes! i LOVE wattle fencing. i just got a book that shows some different rustic fences and all of them were woven. i wish i had bamboo growing nearby, though i do have some willow.