Monday, May 07, 2007

5-22-07 (Blogger isn't updating the dates properly)

Last weekend was very good gardening weather. I have almost everything planted that I had started, except for a few things i started as seeds over the weekend. It's really almost too late to start seeds, but I figured I'd try anyway. If they don't produce in time, well too bad. But if they do, then so much the better! Here's what all I have in the garden this year:

Tomatoes (beefstake, mortgage lifter, roma, mr. stripey, cherry, and some unknown variety of seeds that i had saved from last year)
Celery (leaf and stalk types)
Bell Peppers (yellow, red, orange, purple and green)
yellow squash
snap beans (bush and pole)
okra (texas longhorn)
melons (one lonely little prescott fond blanc seedling, and seeds started for iroquois cantelope)
strawberries (everbearing, kent, and sparkle varieties)
yellow onions
asparagus (first year, no harvest)
sweet basil

If most of these do well, I should have lots of fresh food to eat and sell this year at market.

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