Monday, May 07, 2007

it's really May 29, 2007 - blogger is STILL not dating right! This is looking west over the garden by the house. Eventually I want to have the whole hillside there terraced. It's pretty rough right now, but I can see there's promise of a beautiful "ozark tuscany", lol. You can't see the plants in the picture good, but there's tomatoes on the top row, and bell peppers, and on the second row is more peppers and some squash, and my favorite is the Prescott Fond Blanc melon. I had a whole pack of pretty old seeds and only managed to get one to sprout - so hopefully I can save some seeds from this melon and have some more next year. I hope it lives up to its reputation of being so fragrant and sweet that it stops motorists in france who smell it in the fields as they pass on the highway!
Here's our upper garden. The picture makes the trellis look much smaller than it really is, but it's high enough that i can walk under. Obviously, I didn't get my fence made, or even started, but I DID get the bean trellis done! there are strawberries in the foreground and yellow onions in the two rows before the beans. the beans are there, you just can't see them, lol. they're barely breaking out of the ground right now. in the foreground that you can't see is another row with a paste tomatoe, yellow squash, and more strawberries.
Today I found two overgrown Cherokee Purple tomato plants at the nursery near where I work and got them for half price. One even has tomatoes on it already.

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Gail said...

Roxanne, the garden is looking good. You are going to have some wonderful veggies. Do you have an herb garden? I would love to have some open land like that, but alas I am trying to garden in wine barrels for now.

Gail - HHI