Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Today a fellow OHG group member posted a link to her blog about an apron she'd made recently. I went to look at it (http://mybyrdhouse.blogspot.com) and decided that now I want my own apron, too! I used to have a couple, but now I have no idea where they've gone. In reading her post, I saw she mentioned that she likes to keep her fingers in lots of pies. That's true of myself, too, but it seems that the pies are all so DIFFERENT from each other! I feel strange saying that I like aprons because so much of my life is not categorized as "mother". Mostly I am "scientist" or "analyst", but I wear a lab coat all day, so it's not much different than putting on an apron on the weekends, is it? I love the "mother" category and I don't get to experience it enough. Funny how a little thing like wearing an apron could make me feel more "motherly", lol. I think my kids would like it too, and my daughter might want one of her own, since she also likes to cook with me sometimes on the weekends. Some people are weekend warriors, well I am a weekend mother. And gardener and farmer and wife... boy I'll be glad when the days start staying longer so I can move some of the roles over to the weekdays!!


Lucy said...

Thanks! I am glad you led me over here. I like your blog. We don't live that far apart. I was just down in NW Ark on Friday. I should have waved. :o)

Roxann said...

Hey Lucy! The next time you are over this way, let's have lunch :)