Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Spring Photos

From yesterday's walkabout. These are all indicator plants for good ginseng habitat. First is a yellow trout lilly. They're called 'trout' lillies because of the mottled appearance on the leaves. Some have darker markings than this one and the flowers are almost finished. I was lucky to find one still clinging to the flower.

A second-year ginseng just beginnning to open. It was the only one I could find during my walk, but I didn't go all over the mountain, just stayed near the house. Hopefully there are more survivors elsewhere. I'm curious about the ginseng market and where it will open and end this year.

A grape- or rattlesnake fern just opening up (with a trout lilly leaf in the background):

And my favorite photo of the day, Christmas fern fiddleheads. I want you to know I got very very close to the ground, in fact had to lie completely down to get this shot. It was late afternoon and the sun was coming in from low in the sky. It made a nice setup with the lighting from this angle. It's a wonder I didn't get full of baby ticks!


NitWit1 said...

I am glad the ticks were not hungry. The fiddleheads are great.

Anonymous said...

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